giovedì 17 marzo 2011

G-system 1/72 MSN-06S Sinanju Commission Work

Light is on! These days, I was very worried, as you build the model in front of me I had a Japanese TV the news, I think none of us has ever had so 'scared of the power of nature ...

I was constantly on the phone with Skype, which hardly ever done in my life a constant habit ... I have many friends in Japan and some lived in those areas of the disaster, but I'm happy to know that they are all alive and well! but not everyone had the same fate! and own a tragedy ...

However, the model and almost completed at 63% there are still some changes to the model, to make things more balance, and foldable.

In the joints, I put silicone lining, tailored are really very small, but allow a good maneuverability and solid model. I hope next week you can begin with the preparation of Resin Primer MR 1200, so 'to start coloring! 

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