domenica 20 febbraio 2011

G-system 1/72 MSN-06S Sinanju Commission Work

The shield is complete! 

I had to change, the joints and insert the plastic parts to make the movements of the most 'simple ... and now we start with the skeleton..

giovedì 17 febbraio 2011

Paint tools

We begin to decide which materials to use, colors and part of a special series of the Mr Color Super Metallic, their color and fantastic performance, I will always use it my work. As a primer, I chose Mr. Surfacer 1200 over the grain 'end ... and more suitable to the parties' detailed model, after sanding leaves a perfect surface without defects. 

Now we think the color scheme, which will be as per box! But a red, glowing!

G-system 1/72 MSN-06S Sinanju Commission Work

I want inaugurated my new blog with a commissioned work for a client in Portugal
The model is part of a new Gundam series, set in the Universal Century. Gundam Unicorn

The Mobile Suit 1 / 72 MSN-06S Sinanju, and 'the new unit's of Full Frontal (Char Aznable)
The specifications are fantastic, produced by Gsystem Shop, with its data and specifications:

Head height: 34 cm
Overall height: 38 cm
Shoulder width: 21 cm
Overall depth: 24 cm
Kit weight: 3.5 kgs.
No. of resin parts: 287 pcs.
No. of clear parts: 6 pcs.
No. of springs: 2 pcs.
No. of Screws: 2 pcs.
No. of Magnets: 4 pcs.
No. of plastic rods: 1 pc.
No. of heat press clear parts: 2 pcs.
Hand-made allumunium alloy parts: 66 pcs.
LED system: 1 pc.
Hand-made PVC tubes: 2 pcs.
Soft vinyl cord. : 2 pcs.
A4 sized water-slide decal: 1 pc.
New-made G-G New Robot Internal frame: 1 set.

Now I leave you, the photos are very explicit, and show you the kit in its beautiful box. And I'm in my laboratory where I begin the work.

Ciao a tutti, benvenuti nel mio Blog...

Questo e il mio primo blog, e desidero poter condividere la passione modellistica con altri.