giovedì 17 febbraio 2011

G-system 1/72 MSN-06S Sinanju Commission Work

I want inaugurated my new blog with a commissioned work for a client in Portugal
The model is part of a new Gundam series, set in the Universal Century. Gundam Unicorn

The Mobile Suit 1 / 72 MSN-06S Sinanju, and 'the new unit's of Full Frontal (Char Aznable)
The specifications are fantastic, produced by Gsystem Shop, with its data and specifications:

Head height: 34 cm
Overall height: 38 cm
Shoulder width: 21 cm
Overall depth: 24 cm
Kit weight: 3.5 kgs.
No. of resin parts: 287 pcs.
No. of clear parts: 6 pcs.
No. of springs: 2 pcs.
No. of Screws: 2 pcs.
No. of Magnets: 4 pcs.
No. of plastic rods: 1 pc.
No. of heat press clear parts: 2 pcs.
Hand-made allumunium alloy parts: 66 pcs.
LED system: 1 pc.
Hand-made PVC tubes: 2 pcs.
Soft vinyl cord. : 2 pcs.
A4 sized water-slide decal: 1 pc.
New-made G-G New Robot Internal frame: 1 set.

Now I leave you, the photos are very explicit, and show you the kit in its beautiful box. And I'm in my laboratory where I begin the work.

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